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Monkey on the Lam

External Services:
  • monkeyonthelam@livejournal.com

TV shows I have on DVD
Andy Barker: PI The IT Crowd
Arrested Development Leverage
The Big Bang Theory Life
Better Off Ted Life on Mars UK
Burn Notice Modern Family
Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Office
Castle Parks and Recreation
Chuck Psych
A Colbert Christmas Robot Chicken
Community Royal Pains
Dollhouse Scrubs
Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog Sherlock
Firefly Spaced
Flight of the Conchords Sports Night
Futurama The West Wing

White Collar

TV shows I am currently watching

The Big Bang Theory The IT Crowd  
Burn Notice Leverage  
Castle  Modern Family
Chuck  The Office  
Colbert Report Parks and Recreation
Community Psych   
Daily Show Royal Pains 
Fairly Legal   Sherlock
Futurama White Collar